Tea, Coffee, Cake
and Breakfast...


Tea and Coffee served all day

Tea and Coffee served all day

Vegetarian (v) – Vegan (vg) – Gluten Free (gf)


Freshly ground coffee from our barista
Americano, cappuccino, latte, flat white, expresso, mocha from £2.50

Tea Pig teas

Everyday brew, peppermint tea, green tea, earl grey, lemon & ginger, super fruit from £2.00
(v, gf and ask for soya milk for vg)

Cake served 9am to 6pm:

Cheesecake £3.50

Muffins (Blueberry or Raspberry & Cream) £1.50 (v)

Millionaire Shortbread £1.00 (v)

Chocolate Brownie £3.00 (v, vg and gf)

Toasted fruit bread or teacake with jam and butter £1.75 (v)

Breakfast served 9am to 12 noon

Bacon, or Sausage (gf) rolls £3.50 both £4.00 add egg £4.50

(gf bread and vegetarian sausages available)


Toast & jam £1.50 (v) (ask for gf bread)

Beans, cheese or egg on toast £2.50 (v) (ask for gf bread)


Lion breakfast (with toast) £7.50 / brunch (with chips) £8.50

Vegetarian and vegan options available

(ask for gf bread)


Eggs Benedict £5.50 (v)

Please note that the menus shown may be subject to change without notice.