Starters, Light Bites and Tapas


All served Monday to Saturday and Sunday evening from 12 to 9.30

Due to current Covid restrictions last orders for food at 9p.m.

Starters / Light Bites

Olives & Bread £2.50 (v, ask for gf bread)

Soup £4.50 (v, vg, gf):

Mushroom & Stilton pots with toast £4.75 (v)

Chicken Liver Pate £5.00

Sweet Potato Pakoras £4.50 (v, vg, gf)

Prawn Cocktail £5.75

Brie Wedges £4.75 (v)

Thai Fish cakes £5.50

Baked Camembert & Onion chutney & Bread (gf ask for gf bread)


£5.00 or 2 for £9, 3 for £12.00, 4 for £15

Garlic mushrooms (v, gf)

Potatas Bravas (v, vg, gf)

Garlic King Prawns

Chorizo in red wine sauce

Breaded Manchego Cheese Wedges (v)

Chicken Wings

Mozzarella Sticks (v)

Halloumi Fries (v)


Chicken Goujons

Fish Goujons


Sauce for £0.50

Port & Stilton

Peppered Sauce

Spicy Tomato

Swett Chilli Sauce

Curry Sauce



Condiment £0.25

Mayonnaise (v, gf) – plain, garlic or lemon

Marie Rose (v)

Savoury Jam (v, vg, gf)

(Chilli, Apple & Pickle, Onion)

Horseradish, Tartar (v, vg, gf)

Ranch Dressing

Mustard (v, vg, gf)

(French, English, Wholegrain, Dijon)

Tomato, Brown, BBQ (v, vg)

Pesto (v, vg, gf)


Range from £1.50 - £7.50

Chips £2.75 (v, vg, please ask for gf)

French Fries £2.50 (v, vg, please ask for gf)

Sweet Potato Chips £3.00 (v, vg, please ask for gf)

Onion Rings £2.50 (v, vg, please ask for gf)

Garlic Bread £2.50 (v) (add cheese for £3.25) (v)

Cauliflower Puffs £2.75 (v, vg)

Baked Beans £2.00 (v, vg, gf)

Rice £2.00 (v, vg, gf)

Homemade coleslaw
(with or without onions) £2.00 (v, gf)

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