Daytime Menu


Food is available Monday to Wednesday 12pm – 2.45pm and 5.30 – 8.45.
Thursday 12pm – 8.45pm. Friday and Saturday 9.15am (for breakfast) – 8.45pm.
Sunday 12pm – 7.30pm

Separate menu for Sunday
Also, Breakfast from 9.15 Fri and Sat.

Light Bites or Basket Meals

Soup £4.50 (v, vg, gfo) please ask today’s choice

Mushroom & Stilton Pot £4.50 (v,vg)

Sausage & Mash £6.50 (v/vgo)

Fish (gfo) or Chicken Goujons and chips £6.50

Scampi and chips £6.50

Half rack of ribs, chips and sweetcorn on the cob £8.50

Mixed Fish or Beef Kebabs single skewer with chips and salad garnish (gfo)

Chilli (Beef or Vegan) Nachos single £5.50 Sharer £8.50 (v/vgo)

Dirty Fries £6.50 coated with cheese, topped with bacon, sour cream & spring onions (v/vgo)


Bowl of chips £2.50* (v/vgo, gfo)

Bowl of Sweet Potato Fries* £2.75 (v/vgo)

Garlic Bread £2.50* (v/vgo)

* Add cheese for £1.00

Between Bread

Sandwich (Brown, White, Gluten Free)

Toasted Panini

Served with salad garnish and crisps with the choice of the following fillings:

Cheese £5.50 (v, vgo)

Ham £5.50

BLT £6.00 (v/vgo)

Tuna Mayo £5.50 (add sweetcorn)

Bacon, Brie & Cranberry £6.50

Chicken & Mayo £6.00

Mozzarella, Tomato and Pesto £5.50 (v)

BBQ chicken £6.50

Fish Fingers (sandwich only) £6.50

Steak Ciabatta £10.50 served with fried onions and chips

Lion Burgers £8.00 on a sesame bun with tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise served with beer battered onion rings and chips choose from (gfo)

or Loaded £11 choice of Bacon & Cheese, Stilton & Mushrooms, or Chilli Cheese & Salsa or Moving Mountain Vegan (v/vg)

Jacket Potatoes

Served with salad garnish

Bacon, Ham and Cheese £7.00 (gf)

Chilli Con Carne £6.50 (gf)

Vegan Chilli £6.50 (v, vg, gf)

Tuna & Mayonnaise £6.50 (add sweetcorn) (gf)

Baked Beans £5.50 (v, vg, gf)

Cheese £5.50 (v/vgo, gf)

Prawns in Marie Rose Sauce £7.00

Lion Platter
Choice of three for £9.50

Halloumi Fries (v, gf);
Mozzarella Sticks (v)
Brie Wedges (v);
Garlic Mushrooms (v, vg, gfo)
Beer Battered Onion Rings (v, vg)
Chicken Wings (gfo);
Chicken Goujons;
Torpedo King Prawns;
Fish Goujons
Salt & Pepper Squid Rings (gfo)

Add pot of sauce / condiment for 10p

Tea, Coffee, Cakes and Breakfast
Tea and Coffee served all day

Tea and Coffee served all day


Freshly ground coffee from our barista

Americano £2.50, Cappuccino £3.00, Latte £3.00, Flat white £2.75, Expresso £2.50, Mocha £3.00

Syrups – Gingerbread, Vanilla, Caramel – all 40p

Whipped cream – 40p

(ask for our choice of milks including soya, oats, coconut, almond)

Hot Chocolate

£2.00 or deluxe with whipped cream and marshmallows £2.50

Tea Pig teas

Everyday brew, Peppermint tea, Green tea, Earl Grey,

Lemon & Ginger, Super fruit £2.00

Sweet Sides

Cheesecake £3.50

Muffins (Blueberry, Raspberry & Cream or Salted Caramel) £1.50 (v)

Millionaire Shortbread £1.00 (v)

Chocolate Brownie £3.00 (v, vg and gf)

Toasted teacake with jam and butter £1.75 (v)

Please note that the menus shown may be subject to change without notice.